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Recent content by Rien

  1. Rien

    Harry Potter Fan Fiction?

    Readers beware; I talk about adult things here. The one and only fanfic of Harry Potter that I ever got into apparently is gone. It's called "Like Shadows on the Winter Sky" and is by Resmiranda. It's a beautiful story which uses the intellect of the author, Resmiranda, to build up a plot...
  2. Rien

    Should these ads air?

    Your lovely sarcasm makes a good point, but perhaps such stupid things would be less accepted. If we didn't see it everywhere we look, obviously we'd think it's less common, and be less likely to do it ourselves.
  3. Rien

    Banned book reading

    I'll head down to my college's library and grab Uncle Tom's Cabin when I get the chance, that I may join in as well.
  4. Rien

    Do you know your geography?

    It's mandatory in a lot of places, yeah. Not at the high school that I went to, however, and only in eighth grade at the junior high I attended for only seventh grade.
  5. Rien

    Do you know your geography?

    Wow. I can remember going through my father's old notes and seeing very detailed maps drawn out here and there. I assumed that everyone from his age to mine had geography as an option.
  6. Rien

    Do you know your geography?

    Oi, you're all going to hate me: I'm eighteen, and I've never taken geography.
  7. Rien

    Being SCARED by a book

    I dunno. Tommyknockers scared me half to death. The stuff with Peter was what did it for me.
  8. Rien

    Declining Interest in Book of the Month

    I'm not really all that big on forums, so the only other forum I go to is the JV board, which is basically a ghost town. The important people come onto the IRC channel, and when a newbie comes along, it is either accepted into the fold, and then joins IRC and ignores the board, or it is driven...
  9. Rien

    The Grass

    I loved it. Thanks for submitting it; it really made me think about some things, and that's my favourite part of reading anything. There were a few errors here and there, like "incents" rather than "incense", but nothing so terrible as to ruin the reading experience.
  10. Rien

    Your reading routine

    I've been moody and depressed lately, which, for me, means extra helpings of reading. My favourite thing to do is have lots of pillows to snuggle into, a drink, maybe some munchies but nothing that'd get in the way of reading. If I can't sleep, or I have twenty minutes before doing something...
  11. Rien

    1 in 4 Americans don't read-CNN article

    Am I the only one who keeps reading this thread as "One in four Americans don't read CNN articles"?
  12. Rien

    Looking for romantic novels

    Yeah, that series was pretty much begun just so she could write more porn.
  13. Rien

    Looking for romantic novels

    Heh, well, I suppose so, abecedarian, but it seems to me that a lot of the time, that's just a delusion the women would like to believe. All too often, the men seem to expect instant obediance, although dear Raven and the rest have spines of steel despite this. I was hoping that no-one would...
  14. Rien

    I don't like tornados

    Ironic We just had a minor tornado (read: big storm, not really a tornado at all) pass by, here in Chicago. It wasn't too bad as far as I know; the sky got all green and pretty, lots of rain came down hard, the winds weren't that great, sure. But, as far as I know, property damage and...
  15. Rien

    Looking for romantic novels

    I mostly think of romance and porn as the same thing, so I'd have to know what the difference, to you, is before giving proper suggestions. Until then, I'll just tell you the ones that I brought to college! The Highlander's Touch by Karen Marie Moning is a great story if you like books...