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tears of life
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  • No,I have not forgotten you,glad yiu are back.That is the only books I enjoyed from her.The rest slowly became do overs with different names.Have you read the one that came out that says the story of before Flowers?? Explains about how the grandmother was like that.
    Flowers in the Attic was disapointing ,it did not depict the book very well in my opinion.

    I have only read and seen The Notebook,I loved it.I have not read any of his other books.
    I became a book addict when I read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander,which is historical fiction,and I still love historical fiction but I have gotten sidetracked here and have read some amazing books.

    Did you ever see the T.V movie Flower's in the Attic?

    And as a Sparks fan that you are,have you read The Notebook?
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