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Looking for Reviews.

Alex R. London

New Member
Dearest Reader,

I am a self-published author of Epic Fantasy, and I am trying to find people who are interested in reading my book. This is not a post requesting reviews, nor do I want to push my work on you, but I am curious to see your thoughts on the description for my first novel. It is called "The Stranger's Orphan", and I have received incredibly good reviews so far (including a perfect score on Onlinebookclub), but I am always seeking improvement and progress.

Thank you,
Alex R. London, Author of "The Stranger's Orphan"

NEARLY TWENTY YEARS HAVE PASSED since the end of the devastating war which toppled the Tagaran Empire. Following this conflict, Armea has stabilized, ceasing the threat of the Corec and other enemies alike. However, when the city of Sorranon falls to flame and fury, panic begins to grow anew. Within this panic, two strangers, claiming to hail from an apocalyptic future, find influence with powerful allies. Their goal- save Armea through the use of Anastasia Daren, a young girl living within the West. Yet, without agreeing upon the role of said girl, their differing ideals brew trouble for both king and country as other threats rise. Hope for survival, of both Armea and the world, may lie within the hands of these strangers' orphan.