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  1. shondaboo

    The Lee's (another love story)

    This is a short romance novel, that is filled with love, hope, and humor. In desperate search to find a job to provide for myself, I actually end up receiving way more than what I was searching for. You may think that I was the main character, but He was actually behind the scenes, the whole...
  2. D

    The Knight and the Shieldmain, an epic poem of love and war

    Now available from Amazon, THE KNIGHT AND THE SHIELDMAIDEN, an epic poem of love and war: Quiet moments he couldn't find the day that she entered his mind, to love a rough-and-tumble girl he'd risk the wrath of his whole world... ... A better life she'd never known, or a good man to call her...
  3. SamatyaAdly

    Selected Quotes from Samatya's Book, A Historical Fiction Story

    Samatya - An Egyptian Woman Among the Children of Israel , is a historical fiction story. Here are some selected quotes :-
  4. MG Schoombee

    Flowers for Caroline.

    I pulled my coat tighter around my body and dug my face deeper into my scarf and hat. The full moon shone silver rivulets in the graveyard. I glanced around, only ancient tombs surrounded me. Fear danced in my stomach. “You’re crazy, a woman alone in the cemetery, at night and on a full moon?”...
  5. Pia Carlotta Schwade

    debut-novel "someonesickness"

    hi there, i recently published my first book called "someonesickness". it's for young adults! avery finds the love of her life in an asperger-autist. autism is not the main focus, though. it is a book about love, friendship and romance. go, check it out, or visit my blog about it...
  6. MarkT

    Vampire lore altered, for better or for worse? Lets decide.

    Spoiler alert on the book Whispers by Aram Keledjian. The author takes a crack at the vampire lore in his own way. The writing style was impressive, but the way he changes the very essence of Vampire does not work for me 100 %. The reason why I chose to write about this is because I read the...
  7. Natalie M.J. Fitzerale

    Chronicles of the Omniton: The Journey Through Consciousness

    Highly influenced by eastern religions, Chonicles of the Ominton is a must read for anyone who loves spirituality and stories that make you think. If you love fantastical monsters, spirits and beings from other planets then you will be pleasantly surprised by this strange tale. This story is...
  8. Robert Denis Holewinski

    "The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God" a novel in free verse

    I recently published my second book, titled "The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God", again using the free verse story-poem format that I used in my first book "One Year There". "The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God" is about Jonah, a young veteran who decides to stay in Ocean City, a seaside town...
  9. Robert Denis Holewinski

    Hello to Book & Reader, number 2

    To continue with my previous introduction as a new member of Book & Reader, I recently published my second book, titled "The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God", again using the free verse story-poem format that I used in my first book "One Year There". "The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God" is about...
  10. S

    Help this new book be published

    A new book I really would like to read that I've backed. If you can't spare any money please share on social media. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1821708802/aporkalypse-an-entertaining-end-of-the-world-antho/description
  11. S

    New Book Please help it reach funding goal

    This new book is on kickstarter that I am really interested to read and I need your help as I really would like a copy of it. The link is below if you could at least share the book on social media soo it has a chance I would be greatfull...
  12. Khalifah Jaylynn Carter

    Pain & Love: Matters of the Heart

    Check out my first poetry book. Hear sample poems: Purchase on Amazon, Kindle, & Createspace. https://www.createspace.com/5664659 http://amzn.com/1517011779 Tel me what you think!