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To continue with my previous introduction as a new member of Book & Reader, I recently published my second book, titled "The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God", again using the free verse story-poem format that I used in my first book "One Year There".

"The Ocean, the Treehouse, and God" is about Jonah, a young veteran who decides to stay in Ocean City, a seaside town that he has become very familiar with, for a summer three day holiday weekend. It is a story about what he experiences there and afterward.

His story is told in three sections, consisting of the Ocean, the Treehouse, and God. Each relates in some way to the other two. The Ocean begins in the summer of 1971 during that particular three day holiday weekend. Roughly two years pass to bring us into the Treehouse. The last section, God, has no year assigned to it but rather covers many years and decades.

Some of the poems are told directly by Jonah, while other poems are told from the perspective of selected characters who appear in the story. As far as the meaning and truth of Jonah’s story, that will be left up to you, the reader, to decide one way or the other.

I hope, if you read this book, that you will let me know your thoughts about it. Thank you!

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