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  1. Khaled Talib

    New book cover for SMOKESCREEN, a Singapore thriller

    I got back my rights so I decided to give the book a new cover for the second edition. Hope you like it. Smokescreen is a thriller set in Singapore. A magazine reporter becomes a scapegoat in a plot to assassinate the Israeli prime minister during a diplomatic visit. Get the book here...
  2. BoyBleu

    "Where The Hell Is Tessa Ryker" by R. E. Conary

    Where The Hell Is Tessa Ryker? (Rachel Cord Confidential Investigations series Book 5) will be released in eBook and paperback editions Mar. 13, 2020. Order now at Amazon Apple Barnes&Noble Kobo or Smashwords. Read a FREE sample at Smashwords.
  3. John Ware


    Hi, this is John. I'm new here, being a creative writer I'm fond of reading mystery and fantasy novels. Hope to discover best reads out there.
  4. M

    Check out one of my crime thrillers for a limited time price of only $0.99!

    Check out one of my crime thrillers for a limited time price of only $0.99! They are located at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B071KGMTLD. If you purchase one of them and enjoy reading it, then I’d like to ask you for a favor. Would you be kind enough to leave a review for the book on Amazon? It’d...
  5. N


    Hello, my name's Nedina and I'm a Graphic Design student. Books have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love romantic, mystery or fantasy novels. I'm currently doing my final project for University, a book that celebrates books and reading for pleasure. If any of you...
  6. MG Schoombee

    Flowers for Caroline.

    I pulled my coat tighter around my body and dug my face deeper into my scarf and hat. The full moon shone silver rivulets in the graveyard. I glanced around, only ancient tombs surrounded me. Fear danced in my stomach. “You’re crazy, a woman alone in the cemetery, at night and on a full moon?”...
  7. A

    HELP! Looking for a book

    Hi! I heard about a book series (fantasy) whose readers can participate in a kind of riddle solving game. They are supposed to gather clues an take part in an online competition...something like that. Can anyone help me find it?
  8. M

    Free fast-paced mystery/thriller Codename: Chimera (4-8th June only)

    Do you want to participate in the investigation of one of the most mysterious crimes? Together with the private detective Kevin Kris, you are being waited for by amazing adventures, interesting puzzles and unexpected twists. The corpse of a millionaire collecting antiques is found in New York...
  9. Claudette Melanson

    Perma Free YA Vampire Mystery - Clean Read

    Looking for a great YA read? Rising Tide is PERMA FREE on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N & Smashwords! Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner Clean YA Paranormal Mystery/Romance ☠ 167 Reviews & 4.6 Overall Find it FREE : Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rgw2uH Amazon Canada: http://buff.ly/2pD7wpK Amazon...
  10. Khaled Talib

    The Pope is missing. INCOGNITO. Release date: 15, May

    Dear Reader My new thriller, INCOGNITO, will be released on 15, May by World Castle Publishing. Here's a brief of the story: The Pope is missing. A former SAS commando, a ex-French female military officer, and an American fugitive are dispatched by a covert division of Anonymous to find him...
  11. chrisv

    Zombies... and Lizzie Borden?

    Hi all! Just found this site. If you're looking for something a bit different to read - alternate history, zombies.... What if Lizzie Borden did kill her father and stepmother... because she had no other choice? The Kindle version of my book, Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter is on sale, 99 cents to...
  12. P

    My review of The Devils of Cardona by Matthew Carr

    This is a mystery set in 16th century Spain. The protagonist is sent to Aragon to investigate the murder of a priest. It's not a simple murder and, fortunately, Fernando Mendoza is not a simple man. And, despite the gap of 400 years to the present, there's lots of relevance to now. If you...
  13. P

    Review of The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert Parker

    The Spenser series by Robert B. Parker has always been a favorite of mine and now I am re-reading them in order. The first one is The Godwulf Manuscript. First published in 1973, this book introduces us to Spenser, tough guy, wise ass, detective, cook .... In this one, Spenser is hired to find...
  14. P

    Hello from Peter in NYC

    Hi all I am brand new here, I just joined today. I'm a 57 year old guy from New York City. I'm married and have 2 kids (age 20 and 14). I'm learning disabled (I have nonverbal LD). I love to read. Favorite genres: History - esp. the enlightenment and modern history of Europe and the USA...
  15. SidneyW

    Dark Hours - new thriller novella

    My new book from Crossroad Press. With an escaped murderer rumored to be hiding on a small college campus, student journalist Allison Rose accepts a dangerous offer – an exclusive interview with the killer. He wants his side of the story told. She wants to expose the school administration’s...
  16. Dan L. Miller

    New Young Adult Thriller: Snowballs and Sinners

    In this young adult page-turner, Aaron Sawyer, an ideal student at Highland High School, falls into the drug subculture of his school but has no hint of the deadly difficulties he is about to experience. Snowballs and Sinners traces the intense misfortune Aaron suffers as he braves a life filled...
  17. JCBC

    So I wrote a little mystery...The Numbered Cups, free next weekend.

    Friday October 2 and Saturday October 3, The Numbered Cups Mystery is free on Amazon. An intriguing book and you only invest a few hours. Just sayin'.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011AMNC5G
  18. B

    The Rexwood Murders

    Hello all. I have finally published my book. It's called The Rexwood Murders. The first novel of the new series "The Rexwood Murders" A devastating event fifteen years ago will catch up with the present and will affect eight teenagers' lives forever. Brandon Jones hates Halloween and wishes it...