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  1. Sara777h

    Expanding Horizons: Three Books to Broaden Your Understanding

    If you're looking for valuable information and expanding your understanding, I recommend exploring these three exceptional books that can broaden your horizons: And here are the links: 1. Historian Yuval Noah Harari presents an unexpected explanation for the ascent of humankind...
  2. J

    What Do You Get When You Mix Testosterone and History? This Book

    I recently finished reading one of the manliest book ever and no it's not a romance book (BTW I like to read Romance novels too). The book is called The Way of The Conscious Warrior: A Handbook For 21 Century Men by P.T. Mistlberger. In a nutshell, P.T. talks about 21st-century men and how they...
  3. M

    Just Signed Up!

    Hello! My name is Melissa and I get into reading binges as far as topics! Recently I started reading books about the Holocaust and Holocaust Survivors. I am 41, so I have known some Survivors but by now most are no longer with us. I had to search a while for what I wanted, the way Survivor's...
  4. Patrisya M.

    When celebrity writes a book...Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

    This book is an example of how rich people become a best selling authors. https://patrisyam.wordpress.com/2016/05/03/when-celebrity-writes-a-book-lean-in-by-sheryl-sandberg/
  5. Patrisya M.

    Princess by Jean Sasson Review

    If you are interested in life of women in Saudi Arabia check out my review of Princess by Jean Sasson. You cannot put this book down! https://patrisyam.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/princess-by-jean-sasson/
  6. vettikke

    What should i read next?

    Hey , I wonder what books should I read next ? I am interested in personal development, happiness ,success, how society works ( social media, etc. ) and perhaps some psychological (hope you understand where I angling to) . I am also interested in photography and cinematography . I'm not sure...
  7. Robert Denis Holewinski

    "One Year There" South Korea 1968

    "One Year There" has been in my head since my year in South Korea during 1968. Two years ago I was able to publish this book, which is a collection of free verse story-poems of the year 1968 in South Korea. They are memories of the soldiers assigned to my unit, located in a small outpost, hidden...
  8. Robert Denis Holewinski

    Hello to Book & Reader

    Sincere greetings to all fellow members of Book & Reader! My name is Robert Denis Holewinski, and I am a professional artist (www.UGallery.com/Robert-Holewinski) and new author having published two books. My first book "One Year There" has been in my head since my year in South Korea during...
  9. L

    Looking for UK-based Amazon users to review short, witty guides - Free books!

    Hello! I work for a small publisher's, and am looking for good reviewers to have a read of some of our guides and review them on our Amazon page. Our guides are for people who would like to learn more but are bored of long winded how-to guides. Our information is designed to help you hold your...