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A book about a doctors experiences..


New Member
Several months ago I read a book called "An Irish Country Doctor". It was classified as fictional but loosely based on the authors own experiences and "adventures" as a rural MD in Ireland. I liked it mostly for it's humor I guess. Anyways I would really like to find a book either fiction or non which is along these lines- Just kind of a doctor describing their experiences. It can be serious, humorous or otherwise. Thanks!

The first thing that comes to my mind is "All creatures big and small" by James Herriot. It is his experience as a veterinary doctor. I love his humor. He passes across profound messages with his stories and humor.

On a serious note, Atul Gawande, a surgeon based in US has written two books. 'Complications' and 'Better', both are good. He touches upon several cases in the first one, while he analyses the medical domain and talks about medical insurance, malpractice suits in the second one.

Coming to fiction, 'Doctors' by Erich Segal is a light read. I remember reading it 10-12 years back and liking it. It is not so much about doctors but it's still good.

Let me know what you choose.
Five Patients - Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton takes a look at venerable Massachusetts General, giving firsthand accounts of five true and poignant cases which reveal the near-miraculous proficiency--and sometimes alarming inefficiency--of a major city hospital.
I enjoyed (memoir):

Hot Lights, Cold Steel: Life, Death and Sleepless Nights in a Surgeon’s First Years by Michael Collins. I'd also read his 2nd book Blue Collar Blue Scrubs: The Making of a Surgeon which is actually set before the first book. The first book was about his intern/residency years at Mayo Clinic, while the 2nd book is about why he decided to go to medical school.

Something for the Pain (One Doctor’s Account of Life and Death in the ER) by Paul Austin.

A couple that are not memoir:

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande
Thanks for the suggestions everybody! I don't think I've even heard of these (except for Michael Crichton). I'm going to see what's available at the library this weekend. I rely on the library for probably 90% of my books...Also any other suggestions are welcome!

Probably way more fictional than you want, but John Irving's The Cider House Rules is based on an orphanage run by a doctor.
Thanks Steffee. I guess The Cider House Rules was the book they based the movie on? I think I saw the movie some time ago, but can't recall what all it was about.... I see that my library has Five Patients and Gawande's books available, so hopefully I can get there tomorrow if we don't get a bunch of snow tonight!
Woaa... Thought I lost my thread, but I guess it got moved? Could only find 2 books at the library today. Both by Gawande, will read these soon....
I finished reading Gawandes Complications and I liked it quite well. He not only talks about the medicine, but deals with the psychological and philisophical dilemmas good doctors must honestly face. I think I will give Better a go, but at first glance it looks a little dry.
A Country Doctor's Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov.
A bit dark, it tell's of his slow addiction to morphine, but also very intersting.
Great, thanks for those. Beer Good I clicked on the Kafka link and it looks like only a few paragraphs. Is that an excerpt or is this a super short story?