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  • What's funny about MDF and Obscene Extreme is that the guy who organizes MDF is like the protege of the guy who does OE. OE has always had some really cool line-ups and both fests benefit from where they're held as far as "local" bands. By local I just mean from the same country, haha. But MDF is starting to get the Czech bands now which was almost unheard of before last year when Ingrowing played. For some reason, getting a work visa for Czech bands was nearly impossible.

    We caught that chick grind band a few years ago. From Japan I believe. They were good, but are mostly a novelty. I can't wait to finally see D666.
    Never heard them but sounds like something I'd probably like.

    Yeah I'm much more into death than anything and grind as well. I'm going to the Maryland Deathfest later this month. I go every year. You ever been? It's a THE fest to attend if you're into grind and death.
    Oh definitely. Gospel of the Insane was one of my favorites a few years ago when it was released. Blackened thrash rockin' bad assery. haha You like Destroyer 666?
    Hey man, come check out my site and post on the forum if you want. Always looking for new metal heads to bs with us. We're a pretty good group, no childish stuff.

    Metal Psalter Enter

    random trivia]
    I have to go for the day, I will check it out tomorrow.Thanks in advance.:)
    Dude, you are hillarious, now you will never forget the eighties songs. LOL
    When I go to bed I go to bed.:)

    Now , about the drinking, I think you have me beat on that department.:D
    This is more like it. Look at this face :D, does it look like it's joking?:lol:

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