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A diamond As Big As The Ritz, An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge, A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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Classic Crews A Harry Crews Reader.jpg
I read a collection of short stories that included : Ambrose Bierce: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, A Diamond As Big As the Ritz and A Good Man is Hard to Find but it is now lost somewhere in my book collection. I wanted to mention Diamond Big as the Ritz but couldn't remember who wrote it. Today I picked a book of F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories from my shelves and the first story is A Diamond As Big as the Ritz. I have all of these stories in other collections but I'd sure like to find the first book that included them all. I don't consider myself a "short story reader". I am a reader - and a book collector. I have found such rare gems in short story collections over the past few years that I find myself looking at short story collections. A Good Man is Hard to Find lead me to Flannery O'Connor - who then led me to Harry Crews (Southern Gothic similar to O'Connor but MUCH darker). As I am from the South, I have at least a passing reference to many of Crews characters - trailer trash, rednecks, folks who handle snakes in church and country folks at huge pot luck dinners and the wide collection of his other characters. I recommend him highly. You might want to start with Classic Crews. A Harry Crews Reader. Let me know what you think...