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A Mild Stroke...


New Member
My father suffered a mild stroke last week. He is now in ICU (hospital) and he is doing better. This Monday he will attempt to walk for the first time since his stay at the hospital. We are all hopeful he'll make a full recovery.


awe i am sorry about that hope he comes through. my grandpa had many strokes toward the end of his life and i guess i was to young to understand it so i didn't get the full effect of what was happening. Hopefully your father will come through good and i am sure everyone here feels the same. If hes getting ready to walk again it sounds great. you must be relieved.


Well-Known Member
Thoughts are with your family, may everything work out the way you guys desire it to.:flowers:


Active Member
Sorry to hear that. Sounds like he's on the road to recovery. eyez is right; Habits and routines need to change otherwise it may happen again.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him!

My father had the same ten years ago and, luckily, made a full recovery. Hope the same is true for your dad!


Well-Known Member
I hope your father gets better soon. I can imagine how hard this is for you and your family, but just hang in there!