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Antigone; Sophocles


Well-Known Member
I absolutely love this tragedy, my students don't particularly care for it at first, but once they get into it, they are hooked! It was fascinating to see how Creon's vengeance came back to haunt him in taking everyone he cared about, not to mention Antigone's determination to bury Polynices. Definitely a rebel that one.:D The book and study questions with it really help delve into some deep issues about morality, following the rule of law to a "t," not to mention the average flaws of people. I haven't read this book before using our English curriculum, but I'm glad it's included, nice to have a book that is a bit more challenging.
I absolutely love Antigone. My fiance just had to read it for a Greek Classics class and I was so excited for him.
I wonder... Does anybody know if Antigone has inspired also Thomas Mann for some of his literature?

We had to learn this book at school, and there I first came to the story of Oedipus complex. I was a teenage, so it quite bewildered my senses. Really great book!
I've seen references to Antigone, but I don't believe I ever read it in full. I loved Oedipus Rex (Or Oedipus the King)when I read it years ago.