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B&R advertising-silver cupid

It's a dating service for people 50 and over. Trust me, not my niche. LOL Perhaps I'm posting about old writers and old books and somehow that gets calculated by some weird program.
Hehehehe. I would never have thought you would be one for an over 50s dating site. :eatpop

Anyhow, install Adblock to get rid of all adds on all sites.
switch off all history and data monitoring on google as well. its in the settings. don't browse while still logged in to FB.

ad blocker for adverts
ghostery for cookies and other data mining.
Ah thanks, I will do that. I understand the advertisements for running stuff and events like the warrior dash. The silver cupid makes sense, I just turned 380 last February.
I'm just difficult LOL I don't see what I do on the internet is any one's business but my own :) targeted ads *PISH!*
I know but I and every one else on the net still have a right to privacy. I dont object to ads themselves - its the data collection I have issues with.
ai :confused:I was talking generally about the internet not about this site. :) And yes I know the data collected is not supposed to be personal but see both Google and FB insist on real names .... soo is it a stretch to assume that there are files with names on with all that data about what you looked at last night recorded against it? FB in particular are very slow in coming forward about what data is collected and how it is used and for how long it is stored.
I guess I don't understand the privacy concerns when it comes to free services. Facebook and Google are not required sites to be a part of. Each and every person volunteered signing up and filling out their life on a website. Just seems that expectation of privacy ends when you give up private details. Why should Facebook legally be required to protect your information that you gave up, for free?

If money were exchanged for the right to be a part of facebook, I would see that as a different story.

Not trying to be difficult, just sharing my view :)
Just seems that expectation of privacy ends when you give up private details. Why should Facebook legally be required to protect your information that you gave up, for free?

Because 'giving' it up implies you give permission for them to take it, when there is a distinct deliberate lack of clarity on what information is collected, what it is used for, how long it is stored for and if it is truly anonymous then no you aren't 'giving' it is being taken with no implicit agreement of permission. If there was openness and an opt out option then yes if you sign the paper and choose not to opt out of the data collection then you are indeed giving them permission to do so. Taking without permission is not OK. Taking without permission and then refusing to divulge what they do the information even when governments ask them what they do with it makes for a very uneasy feeling about the nature of what is going on.

Its an important issue going forward with monitoring the internet. And with all kinds of issues to do with freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and the individual right to privacy.

And no I don't use FB because a. I like my property to remain my property b. I like my privacy c. I don't like their policies on any number of things.
Just got a message from Centenarian_Momma_b.1909

And I thought today was going to be a bad day.:p
I see both sides here. I agree with Brent that no one has a gun held to their held by Mark Zuckerberg and told to get on facebook. At the same time, the "policy changes" read like a convoluted bill that no one can understand. It seems to change quite often and unless you go looking on various links on FB and read the small print, you can end up divulging after information you may not want to divulge after a certain time period. I have a feeling they would open up more, if they wouldn't catch so much grief. It is wonderful to have almost instant access daily to family and friends that in the past, would take a week or two to send a letter to.