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Best things in life


New Member
Welcome everybody! What do you consider to be the best thing in life? What brings you happiness? :)
As far as I am concerned I like seas and oceans. I love watching waves,cliffs and I enjoy swimming.


New Member
Bringing happiness to others is what makes me happy. The smell of ozone after a rain isn't bad either.


New Member
little pleasures in life.....nothing profound.....watching a really great moive, eating at a fabulouls retaurant, sitting with friends and having the night where the conversation never seems to end (or the flow of wine!), laughing out loud, watching my dogs play, the beach, the perfect cuppa coffee.....


Well-Known Member
What brings you happiness? :)

I'd say my relationship with family and the company of good friends.

As far as I am concerned I like seas and oceans. I love watching waves,cliffs and I enjoy swimming.

I'm not much of a naturalist myself, but I do like to see the sun rising in the morning, as well as cloud patterns. I guess that I have some romanticist inclinations to an extent. :)


New Member
Always to be happy to share with my family, browse in bookshop, looking up at beautiful blue sky and stare at stars and moon during nighttime. Proud to have my own rich language, British Sign Language to makes me think who start to create this language. :)


simple things....a beautiful scenic view....my nephews smile....a slice of pizza....my parents farm.....my brothers stubborness....my sisters organisation....carrotcake.....george clooney....a good read.....


Reading, listening to the rain as it beats against the window pane, the stillness that comes when it's snowed overnight, the sound of your footsteps as you walk through snow, the glisten of frost in the trees on a crisp winter's morning, being in the company of friends, the theatre, music, listening to the wind as it whispers through the trees, watching fluffy clouds roll around in a blue sky,the rolling shadow of clouds as the sun disappears and reappears over an open field, the smell of freshly cut grass, the seasonal changes, the smell of woodsmoke on an autumn's day, the crunchy sound you make when you walk through a pile of autumnal leaves, the colours of autumn, the sound of children playing.... I could go on and on...

It's interesting to note that it is the simple things in life that make us happy - not fame nor fortune etc.


Active Member
It seems to me that the best things in life are those you choose to share your life with.

No sunrise or sunset is every quite so beautiful as the one I share with my wife.


New Member
thunder and lightning

and beating the crap out of hippies.


Active Member
lets see, some of the best things in life, for me are:
the wail of a newborn baby
an infant's first smile
the laughter of a child
a sunset or sunrise shared with somone you love
a quiet moment of reflection
a cold drink when you are hot
a hot drink when you are cold
someone I love drying my tears
sharing a smile
a good book
a good friend


Active Member
honeydevil said:
the sun, a smile and a bunch of friends...

Hmmmm. Must be some truth to the old saying "the best things in life are free." Welcome back, honeydevil.


Active Member
I have 2 "best things" They are named Rebecca, 8 and Andrew, 6. They are what I live for.

.....and tomorrow is the first time in 9 years that I won't have kids in the house all day long as both of the kids are starting school again. It's VERY bittersweet.

Can I freeze them at these ages ? :eek: