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Blood and Chocolate


Still can't post links but if you do a search for it on youtube or google you are bound to find a trailer.

Already looks like they have butchered the book pretty well. Only good thing I can so far is at least the werewolves turn into wolves and not bipedal hairless rats like in Underworld.


I'll see it just because its a werewolf movie but I'll wait and see it at home. Doesn't look like it will play around here anyway.


New Member
i couldn't believe it- i was actually excited about the movie but no one would go see it with me so i had to wait until it came out on video and i couldn't sit threw it. i should have listened to everyone and now i just finished reading the book and i just sat there. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING! why even call it blood and chocolate??? it was nothing, i repeat- NOTHING like the book. the only thing similar between the two were the names and the fact that they were werewolves! the setting was even on different continents! what is wrong with Hollywood nowadays?:eek: