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Book of the Month 2012


Well-Known Member
Maybe it's time to restart BOTM?

Who else is interested in participating? If we have enough interested I'll set the thread for suggestions.


Active Member
I'm interested as long as the suggested titles are readable books and not destined for academic musings. :D


I'd be interested, but I am also not into scholarly musings. I'd like us to look at some young adult stuff as I think its a genre that is really taking off. Some interesting stuff in there.



I know we have a lot of Pratchett fans too so if we go that direction there's the Wee Free Men books to look at.

Oh dear, I'm all excited about all the books I want to suggest now. Sad, it takes so little to get me hyped up these days. :lol:


New Member
Good idea

I like the idea. I'm mostly in....i just have so many books on my shelf i havent read yet. count me as a maybe, i guess depending on the title. i'm kind of all set on the romance stuff, but yea.