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  • While I was thinking to buy the book with my 10 dollar coupon,look what I found.
    Pigeons From Hell: Amazon.ca: Joe R. Lansdale, Nathan Fox, Dave Stewart: Books
    LOL @60 pages.If it's to print it out,forget it,maybe put it on favorites and read day by day.I will look for the other one too.
    Ok,I have been searching and I read Poppy Brite last night,she is so much like Kiernan.Here is an exert of Kiernans take on her writings:

    " I want readers to be willing to think of these stories as more than just entertainment, more than just a bunch of spooky tales to pass a few hours. I've met a lot of readers and writers who are very unwilling to think of dark fiction as anything more than a diversion. Personally, I find these stories deeply disturbing and, for whatever authorial intent is worth, they weren't exactly intended to be entertaining. The sorts of things that so many of these stories deal with -- rape, murder, loss of innocence, necrophilia, drugs, AIDS, homelessness, etcetera -- these are not the sorts of things we should be entertained by, but they are the sorts of things that we have to live with and think about every day."

    and this is exacly what you get when you read both these authors.
    Smythe Hichens How Love Came To Professor Guildea, supposed to be good,check out this site...
    The Horror! (audio) | Vintage Horror
    There are authors inside that have been mentionrd in the forum,lol
    Lethem,Atwood,I think even Fowler.
    Me bought these ...

    Golden Age Science Fiction(short Stories)
    The Turn of the Screw-Henry James
    The Secret History of Science Fiction

    Haven't started on anything yet,I am trying to finish BOTM first.
    Yes,you got the science fiction hook in me.There is a few "Twenty Years of the Best Science Fiction Short Stories" I am looking into.I am going to my favorite place today Chaptersso I will have time to browse.Have fun.

    Edit:Haven't read alot of horror,my son was reading American Gothic and there was Lovecraft,Keirnan and some others,but I am interested also.I will check it out today,what they have.
    Yeah, it was interesting when I saw you posted that thread for Closer because I had just read Singleton the day before. Egan has about 20 or so short stories you can read online for free.
    Glad to see ya in the short story section,you should read Closer,weird but a good story.Makes you think.

    I will read the one you posted as soon as I can.
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