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BOTM: Theme Suggestions

Polly Parrot

Staff member
The title pretty much says it all. If you want the next BOTM to be a certain theme, let me know through this thread. :)
Looking back over a couple of pages of this thread and looking at the titles there seems to be a heavy preponderance of 'serious' literature. A lot of classics and a sprinkling of modern but 'serious' books.

How about something lighter? Something uplifting - doesn't have to be thematically uplifting, just something that made your loafers lighter for having read it.
What about the Falco series by Lindsey Davis? The first few can be read on their own I read most of them out of order and still knew what was going on.
On topic: have we had books that were adapted as films? A comparison to the movie might be interesting.

well that is a long list indeed. I could name any number if books just off the top of my head that have been turned into movies.
Oh, Falco is great, but I do recommend to read the books in order!

On topic: have we had books that were adapted as films? A comparison to the movie might be interesting.

I like this idea, I always like to read books and then watch the films so I can compare :) Mostly I like the books better, although I do know of a handful were the movie is better than the book. And sometimes it's just fun to talk about what was changed and why.
I had a Film and Literature class in college where we compared the novels Gone with the Wind and Killer Angels against the movies. That was a lot of work and a lot of fun. There was suppose to be a third novel/movie, too, but most of the class was having difficulties getting thorough the first two titles.
I like the idea of book vs movie a lot, but pleae no annoying women named Scarlet, boy magicians named Harry or anything with Vampires in it :)
I know this is too soon but how about Hugo - directed by Martin Scorsese (won 5 Academy Awards) vs The Invention of Hugo
Cabret - Brian Selznik (won the 2008 Caldecott Medal)