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BOTM: Theme Suggestions

I noticed in the original rules for the BOTM that voting etc take place at least 4 - 6 weeks BEFORE the month started so people have a chance to read the book before the discussion starts which strikes me as a good idea because the current discussion is stalled by people still reading and others not wanting to give 'spoilers'.

Can I suggest returning to a longer time period between the choosing and the discussing so the discussion can be lively?
As I said in the Morgenstern thread, you are correct in that ideally the books would have been chosen well in advance to allow sufficient time for everyone to have read the book before the discussion starts. However, there was very little time left to get BOTM for April going so, unfortunately, it has been a little rushed.

To prevent this (a little) I have put up a thread for May's BOTM just now.
Getting everybody in sync has always been a challenge, but it's great when everybody is reading the BOTM at the same time.
Great :)

BTW it wasn't a criticism, more of an observation. I read the rules and thought 'hey yeah that makes sense' and then I was reading some of the old threads (Life of Pi was BOTM in 2003! LOL) and noted that discussions were very lively and thought that apart from the fact that there seem to be fewer active members at the moment than there used to be, which certainly plays a role in the life of the site as a whole, part of the reason the discussion isn't getting going is surely the fact that there are 'oh I don't want to say because people are still reading' type comments, which does bog the discussion down. I thought, that at very least going back to a bigger gap between voting and starting the discussion should at least help a bit.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but a neat theme could be forensics or serial killers or a heavy hitting topic like human trafficking
Would we limit to fiction or nonfiction or anything goes if we did choose that as a theme?

honestly at this point anything goes to get interest going again, but I would make one proviso, nothing that is obscure or hard to get. The aim is to try to get people actively interested again - so I would prefer suggestions that are accessible.