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C. J. Box


Active Member
Before I post this I apologize if it's in the wrong spot. Couldn't see where to post what I had currently read in the way of Crime, Thrillers etc. Anyway, I just read Breaking Point by C. J. Box and it was an interesting and exciting read. Joe Pickett, the main character, is a Game Warden in Wyoming and is a non-heroic hero. He just does what needs to be done at the time. A moral man who seems to find himself in dire situations and he just carries on doing the right thing. It's nice to have an ordinary sort of man who doesn't go looking for trouble but always manages to put things right.

C. J. Box usually writes about Joe Pickett but he does write stand alones too which are also very good.

Hopefully this will find its way to where it should be. Must say that this format is not for the faint of heart. :rolleyes:
Box writes wonderfully of his protagonist, Pickett, and the development of the story line and Pickett's family are first rate...

I do get fed up with the inclusion of Pickett's buddy, the falconer guy (having trouble with his name, just now). The background and development of this character almost seems to have been done by another. Like maybe Box farmed it out to a young child, or a 7th grade literature class...
Harsh, I know, but...

All in all, I have enjoyed Box's books. And I believe that I have read them all.
That I search for an authors books, is the highest praise I can give, and I keep an eye out for more from C.J. Box...
Glad you enjoy C.J.Box - I tend to agree that the falconer fellow hasn't added much to Box's latest book but I guess he gets kept in there in case Pickett gets into more trouble than he can handle, just a sort of backup.
It's not one book or another with the falconer. It's that everything about his character rings false.

C.J. Box's collected works would be better if he could somehow uninvent this "Nate" the falconer.
Hi O.G.G. - I don't know that the books would be better off without Nate although he wasn't too involved in the latest, but I feel he's there as a sort of 'fixer' that Pickett can rely on if he gets into a situation he can't handle. Pickett isn't really a super hero type of character although he manages, but I think in a really dangerous situation Nate can come along and back him up, sort of a "friend in need".
I enjoy CJ Box' Joe Picket books - nice easy read , nothing too complicated , just a good read , nothing more nothing less - you can't ask for more really .
The Nate fellow - well , Joe can't get himself out of a lot of situations and would be unrealistic if he suddenly could - so Nate is somewhat useful from the author's point of view .