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Corruption of Power

Discussion in 'Book Reviews' started by gweccles, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. gweccles

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    Sep 21, 2012
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    Corruption of Power
    An action packed political thriller that is beautifully written and artfully plotted!
    A review of Corruption of Power by G W Eccles - by C.R.PUTSCHE on 15 Dec. 2015
    Format: Kindle and Paperback

    “Corruption of Power is an action packed political thriller that is beautifully written and artfully plotted, with events mirroring actual real-life conflicts.” Catherine Rose Putsche Book Blog

    This is the second instalment in the Leksin series and follows main protagonist, Alex Leksin, who is an independent trouble-shooter, recently recruited by Prime Minister Saidov and President Karpev, to investigate a planned pipeline deal that involves shifting Russia’s vast energy resources to the East. Leksins mission is to check the pipeline deal is above-board. Saidov wants Leksin to give the project a clean bill of health. However, Leksin only has twelve days to report his findings before Karpev is due to sign the pipeline contract with the Turkmen President in Ashgabat. Leksin begins his investigation in Moscow only to discover that the heterogeneous group that are responsible for planning and funding the pipeline contract are his ex-partner and her spiteful brother, Max. Leksins further investigations lead him to Turkmenistan, one of the world’s most sinister countries and from this moment onwards Leksin must be on his guard as he finds killers on his trail who will stop at nothing to eliminate him by assassinating the only people who can help him and that the intelligence he is given turns out to be false and misleading. Leksins mission for the truth leads him from one terrifying situation to the next where the risks of surviving get considerably higher.
    This novel explores two governments, one Russia, the other Turkmen, both of which are corrupt and looking to expand their powerbases in different ways. Corruption of Power boasts an elaborate and complex plot, where the twist and turns are particularly surprising and plausible. The strength of the novel lies within the unfamiliar locations where it is based and gives the reader a real insight into the growth and culture there.

    Eccles has fashioned a suspenseful and engaging story against the backdrop of political corruption, state-sponsored terrorism and increased Taliban insurgency that I am in no doubt reflect the times in which we live in today. Congratulations Mr Eccles, for bringing us a fundamentally flawed hero who in the face of danger combats adversity through bravery. I look forward to reading more of Leksins adventures.

    My Ranking: 5 Stars

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