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Dick Wolf


New Member
I never watched the "Law & Order" television series. I did pick up the recent novel by the "Law & Order" creator, Dick Wolf. The novel is "Intercept". I enjoy spy type novels, set in modern times. This novel is set in today, even mentioning the current President and First Lady. From the first chapter, weaving through the numerous "intercepts", it kept me glued to the book.
What made the show work is each episode was more or less a stand along. There is a crime, cops find the person responsible and then there is a trial. He stuck to that formula for 20 years and it worked.

That is less novel in the book world and I can think of several series that have that same MO. As for how complex his stories were, most of them were "straight out of the headlines" like the tag of the show said. I wouldn't think his writing would be up to the same snuff as a good novelist, but I am glad to hear you liked the book. I am a fan of Wolf's so I will check it out.
Interesting timing. I'm about halfway through Wolf's second book, "Execution". "Intercept", the first book grabbed you by the shirt collar and wouldn't let go until right at the end. "Execution" is pretty action packed, also. I should finish it over the weekend. Do read "Intercept" first. "Execution" has a number of references to the first book. They are definitely a series.
Because that style of TV show is opposite the norm. The dictates of a tv show usually say make an ongoing plot thread between stories.
Ehh, nevermind. It's really not important, just not what I would have expected from him. If the books are good then they are good. That's all that really matters.