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Do you ever reread your books?

I have only reread one book and that was Great Expectations. when i first read it, I liked it but I didn't love it, but after I reread it, it became one of my favourites. Other then that, I have to many books on my "to read list" that I haven't reread anything else, but there are some I wouldn't mind reading again.
I've reread quite a few books but the one I've reread most is The Great Gatsby. I love that book!
Nope, I don't reread books. Don't want to either...did it once and didn't enjoy it at all. Took all the fun out of the book for me for some reason.
I do re-read books I like. I have read 'To kill a mocking bird' some 4 times and 'Hitchhiker's guide...' some 3 times.
When I say reread, I don't necessarily mean read the whole book. I read some parts that I know I like.
I read some selected parts of 'mocking bird' whenever I see that book. I just can't stop myself from picking up that book and reading it.
But, I reread 'Hitchhiker's guide' page to page. I noticed that I didn't enjoy the book that much the second time.
I try to avoid rereading because there are so many books on my TBR that I don't think I will ever finish those! :D
I reread everything. If not all the way through, just bits and pieces. Books i really like I make an effort to sit down and reread all the way through.

I'm dreadful when it comes to rereading books, really... :p
Fistandantilus said:
Do you reread your books? I know im terrible for it- I have read the hitchikers guide six times now...
I do re-read some books too. I am sorting through my books at the moment at the ones I want to keep and I am re-reading alot of them just to make sure I'm making the right choice to get rid of them. Not really get rid of them, but give them to charity/poor :)
I sometimes re-read books. I have the entire set of Louis L'Amour's books and have read them all twice. I have also re-read the LOR books and a couple of the Harry Potter. All-in-all though, I do not make a habit of re-reading books. At some point in time I may go back and re-read the "Dark Tower" series by S. King, but that would be way down the road.
I re-read books all the time. Most of the long fantasy series that I'm following I will re-read in their entirety as soon as a new book comes out, just to make sure I pick up on all the nuances.

Also, I tend to read a book through first time extremely fast and so will miss bits and pieces. It means that on the second and third reads, I am able to pick up all sorts of extras which makes it seem like an entirely new book.
I reread some books. Off the top of my head, I read Red Storm Rising 3x, Hunt for Red October 2x, Flight of the Old Dog 2x, all the Harry Potter books 2x, The Killer Angels 2x, Star Trek Enterprise the First Adventure 2x.
So many books, so little time. And yet, I reread books a lot. Any book that stays in my thoughts, I will reread. Reading a good book has the thrill of discovery; rereading is like visiting a friend.

That is also one reason why I want to own the books I have read. Some passage will come to mind, and I will want to re-experience it right away.
I'm with Tara. I hardly ever reread. It's like having deja-vu the whole time. I know what's going to happen, so what's the point? And so you know this is a trend for me, I hardly ever watch a movie more than once, either.
Just as there's movies I watch again and again, so too there are some books. Many books I am content to never touch again, but there are some that I just adore and going back to the characters again is like meeting old friends. In particular I love Robert Waller's Old Songs in a New Cafe, which has travelled around the world with me. I've also re-read David Eddings' Belgariad series many, many times!
I can't say I do it much, I very much so enjoy doing so from time to time, but I always have a veritable village of unread books lying and towering about in here, so it ends up not happening much.

There was a time when I thought re-reading seemed silly, partly because of a certain materialist sense that I'd rather spend that time on reading something new, and, in a way, "up the total" for some self-gratifying sense of completion over retreading. This has disappeared over the years though, and I find myself more and more often looking forward to re-reading books and even putting some aside in a pile of stuff to get to again.

I've been searching my face off recently to find my copy of "The Great Gatsby", as I've had a strong urge to re-read it. Alas, I can't find it anywhere. Curses!

Most re-read author is Terry Pratchett, oddly enough. Probably because they're generally light reads that I can breeze quickly through and feel rather comfortable.
Saddest re-read: Douglas Adams' "Long dark tea-time of the soul". Mainly because I didn't realize I was re-reading it until I was two pages from the end! Didn't like it much either, which is the only explanation I can find as to how I managed to so totally block out the poor thing. Or my original read was at such a young age that I still had trouble to figure out the English text - possible as the re-read was at age 18, and it must have been quite a few years since I'd first read it.

Odd that they're both popular British SF-oriented comedy authors. It's not exactly a common descriptor of authors I read, though it's true that pretty much all the comedy novels I read are by brits. Wodehouse stands out as the clear favorite, though Jerome K Jerome's "Three men in a boat - To say nothing of the dog!" certainly deserves a mention.

At age 13 or so I first read "Ender's Game" which resulted in a small Orson Scott Card fan-period where I read as many books by him as I could get my hands on - which turned out to not necessarily be a great idea. I can clearly remember making a vow with myself to reread it in ten years.
11 years on, and it's not happened. I DID read "Ender's Shadow" recently though, which isn't too far off.

Short stories, on the other hand, I find myself often rereading, which has probably been some of the reason I've lightened up on the idea of the concept in the first place. It's tons of fun to reread a story several times and take notice to difference facets every time, trying to focus on different interpretations to see how they'll fit etc.
I don't think "knowing what'll happen" is at all a problem for me, as I also find that I often see movies several times over as well. But I suppose it might also depend on what you're reading. Detective novels etc might not be as much fun when you know where it's all heading, unless you're particularly interested in seeing how exactly the author drops hints and winds the threads.

In ten years I'll probably have given up on new books and just sit in a corner reading and re-reading a ratty paperback copy of "The sound and the fury" while mumbling to myself and picking at the fleas in my beard.
Fistandantilus said:
all I can do is give you the link for it on amazon, you can get it's ISBN

Thanks, but I'm looking for a copy I already own. I'll probably head to the library if it doesn't show up.