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Do you ever reread your books?

I’m constantly rereading books for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes I remember a passage I once read, go back to the book, and end up reading the whole thing again.

Every now and then I’ll reread something because I loved it so well that I’ve already reread it more than once—and it’s time to read it again.

Occasionally I’ll have forgotten most of what I read in a particular book and reread it to rediscover what I once knew.

I don’t necessarily reread entire books, either. I’ll go back to chunks of them, or reread chapters, or look for specific information. I write a great deal, and often return to books related to what I’m working on to refresh my memory or provide support for arguments I’m trying to make.

One reason my husband (also an academic) and I have around 6,000 books is that we’re almost always working on something that requires reading (and rereading)—and it’s really lovely to be able to go to a shelf somewhere in our own house to retrieve the book(s) we need.

However, I do find the necessity for anyone to ask this question in the first place to be both puzzling and somewhat disturbing.

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I very rarely re-read an entire book. It has to be a seriously good book or something which I originally missed in order for me to re-read it again. I do remember reading 'The Hymn' by Graham Masterton twice (outstanding novel) and er, 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. I think it was because the film version was coming out and I wanted to see whether it would be vastly different from the book which it wasn't.
Yes, I also re-read my favourite books. For example, Martian Chronicles by R. Bradbery. It seems to me that when you re-read a book, you can find more details and sense than in the first time. It`s quite interesting experience📖
I usually re-read two to three books a year on top of whatever else I read. I think re-reading can be just as exciting and illuminating as reading it the first time especially if you are in a different time or place in your life, because books are just as much about what you take from them as what is actually in them. And as we grow and have new experiences and our tastes change, what we take from books will likely change as well. And then there are just some books that blew me away or I enjoyed so much that I had to reread it right away or relatively soon.
I have only reread one book and that was Great Expectations. when i first read it, I liked it but I didn't love it, but after I reread it, it became one of my favourites. Other then that, I have to many books on my "to read list" that I haven't reread anything else, but there are some I wouldn't mind reading again.
Ah! yes Great Expectations was one that I re-read many times too. The first while we studied it for our Literature then I Read the complete novel again to Get some closure and loved it so much.
Harry Potter the goblet of fire is one of my favourite books . You can choose any book from the following series. The books are very interesting to read. I have re-read those many times.