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Do you play a musical instrument?


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New Member
I play the piccolo, flute, piano, guitar, and harmonica. :D I'd love to learn the violin but I just don't have the time...


New Member
Is the fingering the same for both the piccolo and flute?
Pretty much, the piccolo is just smaller and more difficult to keep in tune. My band director used to tell us this joke: How do you get two piccolo players to play in tune? ... Shoot one of them! :eek: :D


New Member
I play drums and piano (and keyboard if that counts as different). I tried to learn the violin but gave up because the strings really hurt my fingers. :eek:


New Member
piano, flute, piccolo and I love the comment about shooting one piccolo player! Back in the olden days, I wore overalls or painters jeans and the little side pocket was just perfect for carrying my piccolo to and from the field for marching practice. Best piccolo song in the world, imho, is Stars and Stripes Forever. I can still move my fingers in the pattern, and the trills still thrill.


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I play piano and used to play 1st clarinet in the school band - but (ummm...) that's quite a while ago now!

St. Stephen

I play guitar, a little bass, and some trombone(I played it in band and have since quit).

I really want to learn some more instruments though. Piano would be cool. Also learning some mandolin or banjo would be pretty nice.