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St. Stephen
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  • Badass. I wish I could have seen them. The only show within 200 miles of me was sold out. :(

    The versions of Misunderstood and Via Chicago are amazing.
    Didn't hear from you for quite a long time :p
    Today is a big day for the relationship USA/Germany ;) I saw the speech of Obama on TV.
    By the way, thanks to you as well.
    What are your hobbies...?
    I have to admit that the German team played really bad. The Spanish deserved it.
    Why are you interested in the EM? Thought it wouldn't be interesting for Americans because it's only Europeans ;)

    By the way, great picture ;)
    Germany is a great team, but they only showed it in the match against Portugal. Unfortunately they played really bad against Turkey (though, of course, I was for Germany).
    You can tell me you're for Spain ;)
    As I am no real soccer fan it doesn't matter to me too much.
    Where are you from?
    Actually not ;)
    But I'm watching the EM 2008 anyway. Especially now that Germany has entered the finals :)
    Lucky bastard. I had a chance at Bonnaroo tickets but I couldn't justify the time and $$$. Have fun.

    The live version of Spiders (Kidsmoke) and via Chicago kick ass.
    I see you like Jam bands. I'm not a big fan of Jam band studio albums. They're something you have to experience. Have you listened to Wilco's Spiders (Kidsmoke) off of their live album Kicking Televisions?
    Haha. What an accurate depiction.. but yeah I'm not a heavy drinker or anything.. I just have a conflicting profile picture.
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