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Dogs, Cats, Rats...What Kind of Critters Do You Have?


Something I regret is not having the dogs before...the human kids. It's wonderful to have two creatures that hang on your every word. They'll never play video games, seldom talk back, you always know exactly where they are and they're grateful for the slightest praise...perhaps I should have had them instead of the human kids...nah the eldest kid I'm darn proud of


This is Bert the Rasta Rat!
He's no longer around as he got very sick but he was the best per I ever had :)
He was very cosy and loved to be around people.

Every morning my Dad would let him out of his cage to stretch his legs around the living room, he's always run along the sofas onto his knee for a little smooth on the back of the neck and some toast.

I then had 2 rats after him (bubble and squeak) but they weren't the same, weren't as friendly unfortunately.



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Karen C

We've had an assortment of pets over the years: cats, hamsters, budgies, rabbits, fish and guinea pigs.

At the moment though we just have one cat, Alfie.


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Some of us share our homes with numerous creatures, for others human companions are enough. I was put off by Tina Fey sharing how she didn't like animals in BossyPants. I've always had critters, strictly a cat lover for many years...then my Sophie came into the family, an AmStaff afraid of her own shadow. Callie came a few years later. He's an American Bulldog poster boy, fearless and muscle bound...and a lap dog...with an embarrassing secret, he has a growl that clears the street...but his bark sounds like a hoarse cocker spaniel "arooo arooo I'll eat your babies arooo". He lets Sophie do the serious barking.

We also have five housecats that rule the roost and my daughters rats in their split level cage. What pets does everyone else have?
No pets but I love dogs .I walk my next door neighbour dog yellow lab11 years old we have had 11 years of pure joy I think he thinks he belongs to me she says after she takes him in the morning walk he goes upstairs on the bed so he can look out of the window and waits till I come home The reason I have not got a dog is because I work silly hours so I would not be with him most of the day.