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I would like to ask you all some advice about dreaming. I know a lot of people want to be able to dream vividly and remember their dreams but o am sick of it. My dreams are full of my fears and insecurities and I have no idea how to stop them. Most nights I wake up feeling as though I have barely slept at all, its exhausting.

I am wondering if anyone out there might know how to make this stop. Any suggestions?


Staff member
I agree with meditation. Also make sure you don't read or watch anything upsetting for an hour or two before bed. Don't drink caffeine or too much alcohol. Both can cause disturbing dreams. OTC medications as well as some prescription drugs also can do that. I used to take Zantac and that always gave me nightmares, so did prednisone. Heavy meals too close to bedtime another no no.

Try some quiet, gentle music.

Good luck, bad dreams are no fun at all.


Well-Known Member
All good advice above, and I would add a seemingly small thing. I've found that if I am too warm in bed, or have too heavy pajamas on I will have strange/bad dreams and restless sleep.
So, a good idea is to layer with a couple of covers and discard if you think you might be too warm. If you wear socks to bed, take them off. Try to have your covers of a natural, breathing material like cotton or wool if possible. Every little thing makes a difference.

Good luck, and happy dreams!


OTC medications as well as some prescription drugs also can do that.

^^ I second this, and will add the antihistamine Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and the pain medicine OxyContin (oxycodine).

Do you have allergies? My bad dreams gradually went away after I leaned what I was allergic to, and avoided it.

I would also deal with my bad dreams by doing lucid dreaming or directed dreaming. When I would wake up from a bad dream, I would try to remember the dream from beginning to end. Then I would try to figure out where the dream started to go bad, or where I made a wrong decision, and do something else in that part of the dream, and fall back to sleep and let the dream continue in a new, better direction.


New Member
I can imagine how you feel when you wake up. In addition to the counsels the others have given, You should pray if you believe in God. You will be surprised at how peacefully you will sleep. All the best.


Active Member
I usually picture in my mind what I want to dream about, or about other good dreams that I want to get back to. It works 80% of the time. But the others gave really good advice.


Not sure. Read a good book before bed? Then maybe you'll think about the story instead.

Try not to think about fears before sleep.


Prescription drugs can definitely do it. Do you suffer from PTSD or related things? It might be worth talking to someone if so? I used to hallucinate quite a bit during sleep. Now I've realised what it is, I just laugh and go back to sleep. Remember, it's just a dream!



New Member
I too have encountered many wild and vivid dreams, although I have been fortunate enough to utilize them in my writing. I also know how challenging it can be to go without sleep as I have had my own troubles due to some shoulder issues. I have heard that not eating properly can cause bad dreams. I cannot verify the truth in it, as mine seem mostly sporadic, but it might be something to consider if your troubles continue. I would agree with readsalot on the journal, maybe not so much as to get them out of your system, but rather to determine if there are specific triggers. I hope you find relief soon. Good Luck!
Have you considered therapy? CBT or exposure therapy can work wonders. My daughter is doing that right now. Let me know if you want to know details!