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ebook reader comparisons-Which is the best?

I got my kindle touch when it first came out and love it. My wife has a nook color and she enjoys it. They are both pretty decent devices overall so I would go with either or. Stay away from the less known brands unless you plan on rooting them and customizing building them.
Hey guys.. whats the best cheap ereader ??
I never tried so I would like a cheap one.. for trying , with a good battery and support the usual files.. thats all I need ... other stuff I dont that are that important.

Any Help ??
Depends on if you want to read in English or in Portuguese. I don't know how many e-books are available in Portuguese, but you should note that the Kindle only takes books from Amazon, so if you want to buy books from some Portuguese retailers, you might find it hard.
...which only works on non-DRM'd files, if I'm not mistaken. Most retailers, sadly, use DRM. But again, I don't know what the situation is in Portugal.

Besides, that's still a bit of a hassle. If there is a native Portuguese solution, you may not have to go to the trouble of downloading, ripping, converting, transferring to get it onto your Kindle.
I would read things that Ive bought from amazon , or found on web mostly (Pdf's normaly )..

Its for trying so I would like spend 100 € at maximum ... ( I would probably buy from amazon.co.uk/.de/.fr ) ..

Btw... can Ereaders be used for reading comics/manga ??
And in most of the ocasions I would read in english .. portuguese would only be an ocasionally pdf from web.

Thanks in advance :)