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From The Body Farm to now!


New Member
So since I haven't been on in forever I thought i'd write a small review on the selection of books I have read since then.

I have been studying and completing exams and between that and work and children haven't had the chance to read as much as I would have liked but so far this year I have read:

Thicker than Water by Kerry Wilkinson, a novel picked as a Christmas present or my by my partner, I have to say I usually prefer to pick my own reading material but I enjoyed this book.
A standard Detective murder mystery novel but I enjoyed reading it all the same. 3/5

After reading a few Thrillers I wanted something a little more light hearted and picked up a copy of Eighty Days Yellow by Vina Jackson a name used to combine two writers who worked on the series. Pretty much along the same lines as the Fifty shades of Grey Trilogy, okay, not portrayed as well as EL James, a little crude actually for my taste and so didn't continue with the series after reading this one, it only took a few days to read and was just okay in my opinion. 2/5

Then I went for Dan Brown's Inferno, I haven't read a Dan Brown novel before and thought I'd give this one a go after it being recommended by a friend. I enjoyed this book actually, although it delved into the Italian Renaissance too much for my liking, Brown really seemed to do his homework on this on, describing Italy in great detail, the buildings, the art work and of course Dante's Inferno.
For me the plot of the novel was brilliant, I enjoyed reading about Transhumanism so much that after putting the book down I found myself on Google looking it up, I found it fascinating, for me the story could have been more about that and less about the History of Italian Art, so I could picture it I also had to look up some of the buildings and paintings to help me understand and imagine the storyline better.
I did not go on to read another Dan Brown book also. 3.5/5

Next I went onto a true story, Bloodletting by Victoria Leatham, the story of how she came to self harm and came to overcome it, interesting and an easy read. I completed the book in two days. 3/5

After that I read Junk by Melvin Burgess, a novel I think made for adolescents but I read and enjoyed none the same. Set in the 80's a book about homeless youth, main characters Tar and Gemma run away from home, live in various squats, take drugs and eventually become addicted to heroin. I enjoyed this book and found it a true portrayal of what life on this drug must be like for some. A depressing read at times it gives you the full description of the dark side of taking this drug. 3.5/5

Today I have just finished INTO THE DARKEST CORNER by Elizabeth Haynes. I really liked this book, deals with domestic violence and how one woman overcame the fear, very good read, at the beginning i found it difficult to get the hang of as the book jumps from 4 years before to 4 years later, explaining the aftermath, although after it while it was grand, This is one book I would recommend. 4/5

I would love to hear any comments and opinions if anyone has read any of these books!
Dare say my taste must be more varied than I thought considering I have yet to find a series or author that keeps me coming back for more. Except for EL James of course!

Thanks for reading.
Oh and I have just ordered Apartment 16, a horror, I forget the authors name but will comment when the book arrives.