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Gregory David Roberts: Shantaram

Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

Has anyone read this novel yet? I had a read of the first few pages on amazon and I must say I was quite enjoying it. Hopefully one to rival Eugenides' Middlesex. I've put a pre-order in for the paperback version due out in March.


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Thought I'd do a search to see if there was a thread about Shantaram, unfortunately it isn't a very lively one!

I've just ordered this book, Has anyone here read it?


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I confess I have only wanted to read it because Johnny Depp is supposidly the main character into the movie they are doing of it.


just curious if anybody has read this book:

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

I just got back from traveling 4 months in India and apperantly this is the book that gets a lot of attention now days in Asia. the action is based in India and it is a true tale by a guy who escaped Australian prison and goes to live in India to escape.

Hollywood purchased the rights of the book now and they are filming the movie with Johnny Depp playing the guy.

I thought the book was adventurous, but to me it is a bad boy book, the type that all the male travelers aspire to be in India.

anybody read it? what is your oppinion on the book?