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Happy Birthday tundra


Happy Birthday,
Look I even got you a present,

Obviously you can't open it yet - as I think I'm a bit early ;) . But since it is your birthday over here - I shall have a drink in your honour (so what if it's just after 7am?:D )

Have a lovely day.
Thanks, Gem.

Right you are, it's only 11:29 pm. You might just have to have a second drink in an hour. In fact, you could keep on celebrating my birthday for at least four more time zones.

At any rate..I am becoming a prime number. I think I am far too excited about this than is proper. Somehow I think being a prime number will make me that much cooler (supposing I was cool to begin with). I will at least feel cooler, and that's all that counts.
Happy birthday Tundra. Be careful with the partying as those pictures may come back to haunt you. :)

muggle said:
Be careful with the partying as those pictures may come back to haunt you. :)
Oh..right, the "pictures" that may or may not exist. Will do :)

SillILearn said:
Happy birthday, tundra! Uh, which prime numbers are our choices here?
Hmm..well, I only have once choice. 23. Not that I would choose anything else...
Happy birthday Snow person. :) Sorry I was late... was busy looking at monkeycatcher's new avatar.

Hope you had a good one. :)