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Hello there

Joined this book forum.

I am an avid book reader and also an aspiring author. Good to see a place where book lovers can get together and review books. :)
I read humour, detective fiction and fantasy fiction. But mostly the pre-1950s era of books. I am not a big fan of modern authors and books.

My favourite authors are Richmal Crompton (of Just William fame), Edgar Wallace (crime fiction author in the 20s. At one time his books outsold those of Agatha Christie's) and James Herriot's vet stories.

I have a lot of other favourites, but I'll keep them for later :)

And I write fantasy fiction.
Welcome! If you like pre-50's detective fiction, have you tried Rex Stout and Raymond Chandler? They also rivaled Christie in their heyday of the 30s and 40s.
Thank you all for your warm welcome.

Yes, cathy_c, I've heard about Nero Wolfe's Rex Stout, but I've never actually read them. I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes though and I've read every one of them. Arthur C Doyle's writing style, in my opinion is classy and classic.
umm welcome

welcome you are probably waaaaay less new tahn me but hey welcome... :mad: hey no fair im new to and no1 wrote anything to me :mad: ... :confused: fine i'll accept this... welcome none the less
Hello decayed_depth! :) Start your own thread introducing yourself and I'm sure we'll come and say hello to you - even SillyWabbit and he's notoriously shy and retiring! :D