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How many books do you have on your E-reader?


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So 'fess up ... how many (or few) books do you keep on your e-reader.

Mine acts like my personal library ... there are 1542 at the moment.

Most of which I have read - I like rereading books a lot and choose a new book to read based on what grabs my fancy as I scroll through the list thus books get added and never deleted. (Unless it was horrible but as I'm fussy about choosing in the first place, that rarely happens)
Eighty four. For reading out of the house. Mostly unread. In-house reading is still from the printed page on a nice comfy couch near the kitchen and away from the computer.
Only 321, but it is not my main reading source. In fact I occasionally forget where I've put it. :)
Sigh lol I thought that the e-reader was the greatest gift to a reader who vacuums up books the way I do. I agree an actual factual book is best, but I'm loving the ease of a reader. (and instant availability of books - I want, I find, I download, I read)
I like the e-reader, just not for primary reading. I know the kindle has the ability to navigate, and highlight, but for me at least, the actual tree book is far easier to do the same.

As for the instant gratification bit, we have Amazon Prime, and if two days isn't fast enough, B&N is close enough. Sometimes I just want to muck about in the bookstore. We have some great second hand bookstores in the area.

I do have a few books both in kindle and hard copy. For example Cryptonomicron and Reamde...both weigh a ton and I actually read them in both formats. I might have Harlot's Ghost on kindle too, can't remember at the moment. :)
ai the advantages of living in civilisation .... it takes weeks n weeks for deliveries IF they deliver... so the internet + reader has been a lifesaver
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Ahh, well...yes. Certainly in that situation I'd be more "kindle-prone".
What kind of reader do you have? We only have the original kindle, with keyboard. But I'm considering some sort of i-pad...maybe a smaller version that'd fit in my purse.
I have a sony reader which I use with Calibre rather than the proprietory software which nearly made me give up on it altogether. Just ordered a tablet so we will see how that compares as a reader. Mainly concerned with eye tiredness which is much less with the black and white screen.
Eager to hear your reaction to the tablet; we are casting covetous eyes. :)

oh lol no need for that - the budget doesn't stretch to anything approaching the latest and brightest - it was a toss up between a new reader or a bottom end tablet - the tablet won by a slim margin because of the being able to put celtx on it and writing on the go.
Probably 50-100 number wise.

A common ailment for all of us is knowing when to toss old and damaged books. To some of us, there is no such thing that can be contemplated. I've run into a similar problem when it comes to books on the e-reader. Do you keep that freebie downloader from a self-pubber? Can you bring yourself to delete that book that cost you $.99? How about $2.95? What if it was $5.00 or more? I keep thinking that I would need the space and that I should pare down to only books that I REALLY enjoyed, but I can't hit the "delete" button. It would be so easy, yet it isn't.
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oh I'm so glad others have lots n lots of books. Mine are all treasured babies. Delete? *gasp* don't speak such words to me.

It's been a painstaking process to find all the books in various series and old favourites. And then we have the new favourites I found while looking for the old favourites.
I find that if I don't like a book within the first few pages I'll set it aside in a "to be read" folder with a short txt saying why I put it aside. I'll either come back to it a couple of months later and give it another go. If the file stays inside my to be read folder for more than a year, I'll delete it. I know I paid good money for it, but most times I can't be bothered to read the blurb, or google a blurb before I purchase, so it's my own fault. So far I've only deleted about 5 - 10 books since 2009, when I first got my laptop.
What can I say I like to read, I average about 4-6 books a week of around 200 pages each. I can usually read around 2-3 a day of books less than a 100 pages or there about. There are currently 246 books in my "recently purchased" folder which is about 2 months old, which I need to get through before purchasing more. At the moment my "to read folder" has 6 occupants, which were added at about 2 months ago.
How does everyone else organize their folders?