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I am searching for a book ...


.. which had been made into a tv movie sometime in the 90's.
However, here's the plot:

A sadistic killer catches young, beautiful women, kills them and poses them at different places, sitting and looking like a antique doll.
While the investigation is running the investigation woman Audrey Macleah discovers that he poses them like dolls taken from a book of older, precious dolls.

The killer finds his victims on a flea market where he sells the dolls. While talking to his victims he's secretlty taking pictures of them. He's collecting dolls as well.


I know I've read this book maybe 10 years ago but I can't remember the name or the author. Has anybody an idea which book it could be ?

The movie itself's called "When the bough brakes II : Perfect Prey".
There's a book named "When the bough brakes" by Jonathan Kellermann but it has nothing to do with the movie plot.


New Member
i would go to imdb.com, look up the the movie and see who is credited with writing it. if it's based on a book then the credit will go to the original author and also the screenwriter and typically it specifies which is which. i would imagine that it'll make it a lot easier to find once you know the author.


New Member
I did a little Google-ing and found two films/books with the character Audrey Macleah: one is "Perfect Prey" and the other is "When the Bough Breaks".
I don't know if any of these are the book you want but I think the Perfect Prey one sounds like what you described.