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I desperately need recommendations...


New Member
I watched the first, and final two Twilight films... the first at a movie theater with someone who asked me to come, and the other on TV a couple of weeks ago since there was nothing else to watch...

Not for me....

I actually also tried reading the first book back when the first film released but just couldn't get into it.

Robert Heinlein? He's got an old style of writing that I just couldn't get into when I tried reading Stranger In A Strange Land a couple of years ago...


New Member
Im currently reading Ice and Fire by George r r martin, and I can say they're great books! The characters are easy to love! (even then bad guys) and the world George creates is magnificent. I've read Hunger Games and loved that too :) Hopefully you may enjoy the world of Westeros as much as I!


New Member
You may want to read The Circle of Wounded Souls by Jim Ricca. It's a 4 book series with a lot of adventure, romance, humor and it will definitely keep you up at night wanting to read more! A real page turner!