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I think a Quiz / Games Sub-Forum...

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Active Member
... would be good on here, as we have a few games going at the moment, which are currently in General Chat and the Music sub-forum and all over the place really :) , and a Quiz / Games forum would clear them out of the way of real discussions, etc... and then we could start more games and quizzes, and stuff, and it's all very exciting.

So what do you say? :)


New Member
I think its a good idea steph as these type of threads always seem to take off really well :D


Well-Known Member
What a great idea!. I know that other forums have an arcade for users to enjoy. Folks can even send challenges to other members.:D

Miss Shelf

New Member
very funny, Shade. I'd think a games sub-forum would need little moderating. Unless some people start a fight over a trivia question. :rolleyes:


New Member
Thanks for your suggestion, Steffee. :) We have discussed it and have decided not to implement your idea at present.
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