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I think I'm back to hang out.


Active Member
This past year has been hell for me. I'm in school and just went through 2 semesters of core classes for my Social Work degree. I'm finished for the summer, but will be back in hell in the Fall for my internship and practicum classes- plus working and being a mom. :whistling:

So for now, I will indulge in leisure reading for the next 3 months.


Active Member
Thanks all. Now all I have to do is remember to log in since I'm out of practice.:lol:

Yay for summer break! Glad you survived and lived to tell. What's first on your TBR stack?
Ok, so I'll start off with continuing "Banker to the Poor" by Dr. Yunus and then "Outliers"
Both started in the middle of the semester and never finished. :whistling: