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J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows **CONTAINS SPOILERS**


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I'm a little late to the party, but better late than never. Just finished reading all of the books in sequence. I'd read the first one a while back before the films, but it was only after watching the latest film, that I decided to go back and read the whole series.

In the end, I became very addicted to the Harry Potter world. Book 7 wasn't as good as I was hoping for, but I though it did wrap most things up by the end.

The whole "19 years later" scene was a bit soppy, but I think it has put a stop to a lot of the "what if..." discussions people could have had.


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There were too many plot holes in that book; if you fret on them your heart will sink.

*Hermione memory wipes parents, sends them off to Australia*

*100 pages later after knocking out a Death Eater she claims to have never done a memory wiping curse*

Among a few others.
If you just said don't fret on them why would you post it?


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I've always been a big fan of the Harry Potter books. I enjoyed all the books even though books three and four were my favorites. Book seven was good, but I just wanted Voldemort to be more powerful and not just get killed by a rebounding curse.


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I was disappointed in the epilogue. I think I remember reading that she hadn't wanted to write it but felt she needed to tie up some loose ends. Trouble is that it's such a perfunctory synopsis that it just leaves you saying "yes, and???" It also doesn't have the typical quirky humour and plot twists that characterise the books. I wish she'd had Dudley show up on the platform with his little wizarding offspring...:D


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I liked Deathly Hallows. My second favorite in the series after Prisoner of Azkaban.

Places in the book were as exciting as the LOTR series. In particular, the chapter titled 'The Silver Doe' was very imaginative.

I liked the Harry Potter-Dumbledore reunion towards the end considering how dissapointed I was at the end of Half Blood Prince.

The book on a whole is a lot darker, and has some intruiging sub plots like the tale of the 3 brothers and death. The epilogue was touching, with a nice link back to the older characters like Dumbledore and Snape.


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I loved the 19 years later thing.. but J.K.R should have wrote what happened to everyone else. But i really wish Fred didnt die.

HP Rocks!!1


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I know the whole jump really made my mouth drop.I mean that was kind of cool how J.K. did that.She told us who married who and who died and I also thought it awesome how she began the epilouge at station 9 3/4 with the kids getting on the train.But it leaves us speculating what happens at hogwarts when Harry's kids attend there.
I was laughing at my stepmother when I finished the book cause she thought that Harry was going to die and I mean like DIE and not come back.:eek::D


I think J.K. Rowling has one heck of an imagination! Her ideas, and characters are phenomenal; I just think that she may sometimes have some difficulties putting them to paper, the way they were meant to be. Then again, she was also primarily a children's writer; so I suppose she really couldn't advance her writing style too much. All in all, I kinda like the series, the last book was a bit of a dissapointment though; and I have no clue how they intend to split it into two seperate movies. A rumor I've been hearing.


I am completely in love with J.K. Rowling, and the places that her wild imagination took us Potter-Lovers. In the Deathly Hallows, I felt that there were parts I could have done without. I would have liked if the trio didn't camp quite so much, because after the tenth time, it felt like overkill. As for the epilogue...I feel like those pages could have been completely left out. Completely.

Overall, I love the Harry Potter series, and will definitely be passing it down to my children, in hopes that they love Harry as much as I do.
i totally agree with you. I wanted to know how George was going to do in the future. She didn't even write about their reactions or anything.

I do believe the book was excellent, but it could've had more added to the ending, cuz it's OVER! no more... :'(