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Jack Higgins

The Butcher

New Member
He is a British Author who has written many famous books like for example:

The Eagle Has Landed(Which I have not read yet)

Also the famous Sean Dillion series.I have read only two books out of the series,which were the first two,with two so far being the best.

Plot of Eye Of the Storm:Sean Dillion is a Irish Terrorist,who is hired to kill the Prime Minister,British Government,and War Cabinet in one go.His employer is Suddam. Dillion will stuff at nothing to accomplish his goal.Dillion is also a brilliant actor,he can be a totally different person in the blink of an eye.

So have you guys read some of his work?


Well-Known Member
I think I've read all the the Dillon series, and have enjoyed them for the most part. Dillon just gets better and better as a character.


Historical fiction is a genre that I always have interests and Higgins is one of the best historical fiction authors to date. I have read several of his books and have many more in my future read radar.
The Dillon books are always enjoyable, some more so than others. If you like the Dillon character, you'll also like the Liam Devlin character. Liam Devlin is another Irsishman with a lot of spunk and makes his first appearance in The Eagle Has Landed (Higgins's best known book).

Jack Higgins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Butcher

New Member
I plan on reading The Eagle Has Landed after I get done with more Dillion books. I am right now on the 2nd Sean Dillion novel.

So far, Sean was a better character as a villain,but I still like him a lot.


New Member
One of the best books I ever read was Storm Warning by jack Higgins. It is a very old book, but there are still copies around. it is story of a German sailing ship during World War ll that was trying to rescue nuns and other refugees from nazis. A great and exciting adventure story.

NJ Slater

New Member
I much prefer his older work, the Dillon series are a bit to light and formulaic though I did enjoy Thunder Point.