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James Patterson: The Jester


Active Member
Has anyone read this book? I have just finished reading it, and I wasn't too impressed with it. It's kind of a fast-paced medieval "find the holy relic and get the girl, and fight the evil ruler" book - which from what I recall, is different from what he usually writes? :confused: How does this book size up to his others? If I didn't like this, should I bother with his others? :confused:


New Member
Do not read this summary if you plan to read this book, as it gives away a lot.

summary: The Jester - James Patterson
Hugh De Luc, a common man who goes to fight in the Crusades in 1096. Hoping to win his freedom from the tyrannical Lord Baldwin, Hugh leaves his beloved wife, Sophie, to head for the Holy Land. The Crusades wear Hugh down, and he is horrified when a brutal Tafur warrior slaughters a Turk who has just spared him. Discouraged, Hugh takes a few relics and heads home, only to discover his home has been burned down, and his wife taken by knights he suspects were sent by Baldwin. Convinced his wife is still alive, Hugh sets off for Baldwin's castle, Treille. Along the way, he is attacked by a wild boar and saved by Emilie, a lady-in-waiting to Anne, a noblewoman whose husband is also fighting in the Crusades. Emilie and Anne take him back to Boree, where he recovers. When Hugh finally tells his story to Emilie, she comes up with a novel idea for getting him into Baldwin's castle: he can pose as a jester. Replete with his trademark short chapters and surprising twists and turns, Patterson, along with coauthor Gross, keeps the excitement levels high in this rousing adventure tale.

I read this book a while ago, but I still remember that
I knew right from the relic-robbing scene in the chapel that Luc took the Holy Lance.
From there on it got a bit boring, but as there was nothing better to read at hand, I finished it.

I don't like Patterson that much, but most of his books are at least readable and some are a bit thrilling too.

There is for example the Women's Murder Club Series, with 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, 3rd Degree and 4th of July. This is a bit of a young Miss Marple Club and in my opinion quiet tiresome.

Some of his others are a bit entertaining, but Patterson would never be my first choice, just some printed paper to kill time.