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Jeffrey Deaver

I read The Vanished Man and really enjoyed it. It is part of a series with the main character of Lincoln Rhyme. I want to go back and get the first Rhyme book, The Bone Collector. I just have this thing about reading series from start to finish, in order. :rolleyes:
I like the Lincoln Rhyme series too, I find some of his 'stand alone' books can be a bit hit and miss.
Some are excellent while others are rather dull, however I enjoyed every one of the Lincolm Rhyme ones. :)
An amazing author without doubt. A pal put me onto him and I ploughed through his Lincoln Rhyme series and then onto Garden of Beasts and Twisted. But then it happened....I started to read the Location Scout series (only the last one is worth picking up as the rest are beyond poor).

Another pal ventured the thought that it may be the limitation of the character, but then look what Harlan Coben managed to with a sports agent of all trades.

Does anybody else out there feel like they were in the twilight zone when they read the Location Scout series?

How can the same writer get it so right with one series and at the same time get it so wrong with another?

Anybody have an opinion or see something in these books that I must have missed?
I haven't read the series you mention but I've found some of his 'stand alone' books to be a bit hit and miss.
Some are really good with lots of action and good characters, while others are almost dull and boring and just kind of plod along.
I think the Lincoln Rhyme series is superb though. :)
I thought jeffrey deavers lincolm rhyme books were brilliant but i havnt read any of his others,never really fancied reading them!
I would read a Lincoln Rhyme before I would read anything else. Those are my favorite books. Deaver has me on a short leash reading these books. I am yet to read the Location Scouts, but I have read most of the rest. His Rhyme are his best, that is no doubt, but the rest are good.

Talk about a nice guy too. If you get the chance to see him at a signing I recommend it. It is rare to see someone in his position with as much humility.
Has anyone read Garden of Beast, a Novel of Berlin 1936, by him? I just bought it at a book sale hardback for 50 cents. It looks good but I've never heard of it.
Ronny said:
Has anyone read Garden of Beast, a Novel of Berlin 1936, by him? I just bought it at a book sale hardback for 50 cents. It looks good but I've never heard of it.
I asked my friend about this book as she buys all that he has wrote! she said its really good and she hopes you enjoy it! :)
Oh, good. I love these book sales, hardbacks are two for a dollar and soft are three for a dollar but it leaves you grabbing a lot of books you aren't sure about. I have heard of Jeffery Deaver but not read any of his books.
I've read the one Collector & enjoyed it so much I immediately went out & bought the other Lincoln Rhyme books (admittedly second hand) I just have a huge mountain of books waiting to be read & therefore need to get round to the rest of the series.
Jeffery Deaver

I just finished the "The Coffin Dancer" by Deaver. It has been a long time since I have disliked a book as much as I did this one. Totally unrealistic, and more of a thriller than a mystery. It has also been a long time since I have disliked the main characters of a book as much as I disliked Lincoln Rhymes and Amelia Sachs. I will never ever pick up a book by this author again. I know he has a lot of fans and if you are one of them I am sorry for my harsh comments. I just wish libraries would keep thrillers out of the mystery section.
I can't help but agree there. The annoying thing about Jeffery Deaver is that they always look like my type of reading, and I end up being disappointed with the content. I don't even both picking his books up from the shelves now.
I have endured one Deaver novel. It ranks in my top three of worst books I have ever encountered. I honestly think less of a person if they tell me they like his books. He is a terrible hack.
Gohead Jughead, hate me!:D

"The Cold Moon" is his best all time up to now. He's bringing in a new character to be in his next novel and I simply think he is the best series mystery writer ever. He is someone who puts so much effort into his books, they can't help but be good. And I really appreciate a mature writer.

If you don't mind would you tell me the book that you didn't like and maybe I can see your point of view. Everything isn't for everybody.:)
Soooo... any of you guys got any questions for Mr Deaver in Darren's upcoming Q&A session with him??