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John Grisham


New Member
I LOVE John Grisham. He is my favorite author. He writes so well and his plots are amazing. He is so well spoken and he has a good understanding of the english language and it shows in his books. I am not a fan of his newer works, I find he is losing his touch. His older works tho are amazing. My favorite book by him is Skipping Christmas.


New Member
its been a long while since the last time i read a grisham novel...i think the partner is his best work closely followed by the rainmaker... client, pelican brief in between..the chamber the least, bec of death penalty law section of the book too eloborate, wasnt able to read past that chapter..... can anyone suggest which book THE TESTAMENT or THE STREET LAWYER that can rank right up there with rainmaker?..:)


New Member
Reading this thread gets me back into the idea of reading a Grisham novel. I loved the Rainmaker and Runnaway Jury. But I haven't read one of his for a while. He seems to have steered away from the old territory I used to enjoy and I haven't read any of his last 4 or 5. I think the Partner was the last one I read. Any suggestions on one of his more recent ones to check out?


Active Member
I have read four of his book, non of which was a legal thriller. The last one read was A Painted House, which I think was the best of the four.

My first John Grisham legal thriller will be The Client. I have a very nice copy that I picked up at a yard sale in September.


can anyone suggest which book THE TESTAMENT or THE STREET LAWYER that can rank right up there with rainmaker?..:)

I have The Testament - haven't read it. However, I think The Street Lawyer is almost as good as The Rainmaker. I enjoyed them both immensley.


New Member
I love Grisham. I am from South Mississippi, so I really feel deeply involved in his stories. I can relate to the cities and landmarks. The Brethren is an awesome book! I am currently reading The Partner and also recently finished The Summons. I strongly recommend all three, especially The Brethren.


New Member
I usually like his books, quite enjoyed A Painted House because it was a step away from his usual law based books.

I REALLY enjoyed A Painted House. Very well written.

I stopped reading his other lawyer stories because really, the plots are identical, just the characters and names are different.


I loved A Painted House! What a great story.

My other favorites are Rainmaker and The Client. I think I've read them each 3 times, before they got lost in transition between college and home.


New Member
I have read quite a few of John Grisham's books, though not all of them. My favorites are A Time To Kill, The Runaway Jury and The Last Juror. He is a good writer who is easy to read at the same time. Most of his books are pretty humorous at times too.


New Member
I have read just one book by John Grisham - The Testament. I won't say it was very interesting but was moderate.


New Member
I've read some Grisham books which have absolutely cought me (The Partner between others), but thee's been others that I've found a complete set back, in some cases it seems the guy's back to his ayttorney days, and seems to be just doing the equivalent "billing hours". However in general his style is readable. I've just finished King of Torts which was only that, readable, but a weak plot and a predictable ending. Regards.


I am a HUGE fan of Grisham!! I always wanted to be in the legal field so almost everything he writes entices me. I love his ability to build suspense and hook the reader. I know not to even open the cover of a new JG book until I have time to read it cover to cover because I am never able to put it down.


Grisham is arguably the best author out there. He hooks you from page one and his writing style keeps you riveted. Loved "a painted house" for something a bit different from his usual law scenarios. Didnt get hooked with the book on rounders/baseball though.