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John Lansing


New Member
Some of you may remember him from his days as the writer and producer for Walker Texas Ranger. He's recently gotten into writing Crime/Suspense novels. His first non-fiction book "Good Cop, Bad Money" which he wrote with former NYPD cop Glen Morisano, highlighted Morisano's life as a police officer who made many high-profile arrests while also sharing some wild stories of being a police officer in the streets of New York City was really good. I am usually not one who likes Crime/Thriller type stuff but I was impressed with this book.

I got to read most of his next book coming out as a fiction crime/thriller novel, "The Devil's Necktie" and I was again impressed with his book. This book's about an ex-cop whose framed for the murder of his mistress as he has to fight the Colombian Drug Lords in Los Angeles to get revenge on the true perpetrators and clear his name. This book really grabbed my attention and I will be following Mr. Lansing more closely after reading "The Devil's Necktie." :flowers:

His book "Good Cop, Bad Money" came out around 2010 but "The Devil's Necktie has yet to be released (comes out sometime in December) but I think you can pre-order it for like 99 cents on Amazon. Could be a nice cheap read if you're into those kinds of books.