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Linwood Barclay: Trust your Eyes


Active Member
This is a cleverly plotted mystery/thriller involving a man who is a well established illustrator for papers and magazines. He returns home when his father dies to arrange the funeral and look after his mildly schizophrenic brother who is a couple of years younger than him. The brother is obsessed with maps and spends his time on his computer mapping and memorizing every street of every town in America, Europe and other countries. He believes that he is doing this work on behalf of the CIA because he thinks that there is going to be a catastrophe which is going to wipe out all the computers and no one will have any hard copies of maps. His maps are pinned up on all the walls of the upper level of the home.

He sends reports to the CIA to the attention of ex-president Bill Clinton with whom he holds conversations from time to time. He uses a sophisticated system provided on the computer, similar to Google Maps, and it allows him to travel along the various streets and shows him stores, buildings, apartments, parks etc. which brings him to the attention of the FBI who arrive at his home and want to know why he is doing this. They realize that he is not quite mentally stable and after interrogating him and his brother they take their leave.

One day he spots what he thinks looks like a face looking out of a window in an apartment block in a New York area. It appears to be encased in what looks like plastic. He gets very agitated and wants his brother to go and find out what it is. The brother, who has business in New York anyway, very reluctantly takes a printout of the particular scene and says he will check it out, not knowing that there had been a murder at the location. From there the plot becomes more and more intricate and interesting. Plenty of action and a surprising ending. Well worth the read.
I agree that this book is well worth the read.
I also recommend this author's The Accident, another easy to read, interesting plot novel.