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Looking for a book from my teen years


New Member
Long ago (about 15 years) I read a book as a preteen that still do this day haunts my memory. At the time, I remember thinking it was the greatest book I ever read. (It probably wasn't, but anyway). Over the years, it has faded and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the book, who wrote it or even any of the character names. Heres what I remember:

- It was primarily about a young girl who was learning to do ?spells? or something similar with herbs and such from an older lady

- The characters weren't American, (hindu maybe) but not sure what nationality they were.

I remember a ton, don't I. I'm sure there not much hope of figuring this out, but if anyone has any ideas. It was a teen-level book (not adult fiction).


New Member
Not it

It most definately wasn't "Clan of the Cave Bear". I'm never going to figure it out am I. I know I checked it out hundreds of times at the library, but their records don't go back that far. I remember the girl was always going to collect herbs and such. I think she was maybe from india? or something middle eastern. Gosh...thanks for trying though guys.
Try doing an internet search. That's how one member found the book Mr. Pudgins with very little information - no title or author.