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Mark all threads read function


Well-Known Member
There used to be a function on the recent posts page that allowed us to mark all threads read. I no longer see that button. Has it been moved or eliminated?
The option "Mark Forums Read" in the top left of the forum does the same thing.

I'm looking at the front page, on another device right now, and all I see in the upper left under the "forum" tab is:
Search Forums
Watched Forums
Watched Threads
Recent activity
New posts (# of)

It used to be on that line, but I no longer see it.
Doesn't matter that much, I just like to clear the clutter away once I've gone through it. It's in chronological order, so that'll have to cover it, I suppose.

A momentary glitch perhaps?
Hah, now I see it, on the section heads, and at the head of this page.

Still not on the front page though.
It seems to come and go, and as you intimate, it depends on the device. I was on my ipad previously. But then it didn't show on the desktop either.
'Tis a puzzlement. The gods of cyber space have struck. :)
Great discussion! Thanks Polly Parrot for your help!

I think the automatic screen-resizing is doing this. When the screen is made smaller, some stuff gets shifted and or moved. You should be able to access the moved items by looking for the "..." and clicking it. Here's an example:

:devillookVery nice, I have 800 posts to still peruse. Now to figure out the hyperlink feature...........