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Michael Ende: The Neverending Story


I read it when I was 15 and really enjoyed it. I think everybody who likes fantasy should like it. I don't know if I would enjoy it as much as an adult, though. Maybe I will try to read it again...

There was a film after the book but it was really weak compared to the book (plus it was only the first part of it, they made a second part, I think, years later but I haven't seen it).

I was wondering if somebody else has read it and what they thought about this book?


New Member
I LOVE the Neverending story!!!! I first saw the movies when I was young, there was a third one too, but it didn't have Sebastian so I didn't watch it. I didn't even realize they were from a real book until I was about fifteen, strange for a child raised on a steady diet of reading, so I immediately read the book and loved it even more than the movie. Haven't read it in a while, although I did recommend it to a 12 yr old boy who asked for "dragon books", his mom came back in the shop the other day and said he loves it.
The best part of working in a bookstore for me is finding books for kids, hoping to prevent them from turning into one of the teenagers who comes in asking for Cliff Notes for To Kill A Mockingbird. Ooops! Sorry about the rant.


Yes, it is definitely a story to recommend to children : it is one of these books that has the power to make the more reluctant of them read (much like the Harry Potter series...)

I know I read it several times years ago. I think most children can relate to the character of Sebastian and dream something similar to his adventure would happen to them...