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Mickey Spillane


Well-Known Member
Definitely sad news. I plan on reading some of his works as soon as I can make it down to the library some time today. He's the guy that created the famous scene of a P.I. in a run down office, rainy dark evening, and a gal stepping in with a problem.:cool: A class act this guy was.


New Member
It's always a weird feeling when somebody dies and you had assumed that of course they'd died a long time ago. Boy did I ever love those old paperbacks. I would purloin a couple of my stepmother's Camels and sneak off with one of her Mike Hammer books. A common literary "coming of age" back in the fifties, I guess?

There are those who may not realize how much the covers might have added to the popular appeal of Spillane's books:



What are some of your favorite memories of the Mike Hammer series?

Aha! Not only do Spillane and I share a proclivity, but we share a birthday too. No wonder I liked him.


New Member
It has been a long time since I read any of the Mike Hammer books and really don't remember favorites, especially at my age. However, SFG really hit it on the head. Spillane was a master of the detective writing.