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Music Quiz


Active Member
Got this in an email today. I think it's pretty cool, but I can't get all the band names.

If you look at the picture below, there are supposedly 72 bands in the picture.


The ones I managed to find are:

Led Zeppelin
Rob Zombie
The Eagles
Rolling Stones
Guns n Roses
Presidents of the United States
Matchbox 20
King Kong
Blues Brothers
Smashing Pumpkins
Alice in Chains

Any others??


Active Member
You can see the zeppelin up in the air; the eagles flying on the top right, the zombie on the left, the '20' on the ground made up of matchboxes, etc. :)

I think you really need to zoom in to see some of the things properly. It's not a big enough pic, the way it's showing up here.


Seeing how I suck at anything that includes naming singers or bands...lol...I only got two:

I'll say those surfer dudes are Beach Boys

The Black Crowes.
Somebody must be counting the Crows.

Dead Kennedys.

I don't get the pink dancing scissors.

The Cars.


Active Member
Could the pink dancing scissors be "The Scissor Sisters"? I don't know them myself but Ruby has them in the never-ending song game.


New Member
I can't see what that big silver coin on the left actually is, but I like to think it's a dollar. So... Dollar!
I'll say that guy in the front is Franz Ferdinand.
There was an old band called the Lettermen, that could be the postal guy.
Don't get the contortionists.
The tree on the hill has got to represent something.
The Police.
blueboatdriver said:
Would it be the Cars or Traffic or both?:confused:

Both. I was trying to think of other bands named after cars. Maybe two of those cars are Fabulous Thunderbirds?
This is kind of cool.
The TVs are showing Talking Heads.
There's got to be Beatles in their somewhere, but I don't see them.
Speaking of the Beatles, the Eagles have Wings.
Could the Queen be holding Sex Pistols?